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Speachless: A true peach packed with candy pink and yellow gold glitter. Ultra metallic and sparkly cream eyeshadow and pigment duo. 

Not classed as vegan as CREAM BASE contains Beeswax.

Jordana Ticia’s dazzling Base & Sparkle’s are a duo of metallic cream eyeshadow bases and loose sparkling eyeshadow pigments. The pair are designed to work together to create the most beautiful, glittery, high shined effect on the eyes.

Recommended application:

Step 1 – Apply the cream base onto the eyes with a flat synthetic brush for a more precise application or with you finger for a relaxed look

Step 2 – Blend out the edges of the cream base with a clean fluffy brush.

Step 3 – Pack the loose pigment on top of the base using a flat packing brush.

This product is cruelty free!

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