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Pixie Dust


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Pixie Dust: This magical Lustre Enhancer has a sheer baby pink base, and is packed with pink, blue and gold glitter, BEAUTIFUL!

Our lustre enhancer is a super unique product that has been designed to wear on top of our matte liquid lipsticks to add a lustrous sheen, OR to be worn alone for a clear, shimmery, glossy lip.

The lustre enhancer has been formulated to retain the longevity of our liquid lipsticks without disturbing the formulation of the lipstick itself as much other branded glosses may do. Allowing you to switch up your look by changing any coloured matte liquid lipstick, to a super high shine gloss.

Application tips: Simply apply your liquid lipstick as you usually would, allowing a minute for it to dry down to a totally matte state. Once the liquid lipstick is dry, generously apply the lustre enhancer on top and watch it dazzle away! OR if you don’t want to add a base colour to your lips just apply the lustre enhancer straight to your bare lips for a more natural yet glittery look.

This product is cruelty free and vegan friendly!

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